My Fashion Card



A privilege card for discount from regular price for all brands under The Jaspal Co.,Ltd.​
A prism is used in a the design to represents high value, luxury, and exclusiveness. 


Director : Jate Saitthiti
Designer : Jate Saitthiti, Nisarat Wiriyametee
Frontend Developer : Wipop Pantawangoon
Backend Developer : Ussanee Utraphiromsuk

  • Redesigned Version: My Fashion Card 2013 Under Concept Lively and Dynamic

  • Privileged Section: Show All Brands Under My Fashion Card

  • Partner Benefits: Show Special Promotion for My Fashion Card Customer

  • Brand Announcement Section

  • My Fashion Magazine Section: In This Section User Can View Page by Page and Download PDF File

  • Brand Announcement Section, 2013

  • Brand List Section, 2013

  • Partner Benefits Section, 2013

  • My Fashion Magazine Section, 2013

  • My Fashion Magazine Section, 2013

  • Geometric Pattern is a Design Element for My Fashion Card Web Design in 2010 Under Concept "Luxury & Privilege"

  • My Fashion Card Web Design, 2010

  • How to Apply Section

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